Statement of Solidarity

Statement of Solidarity:

The Board of Directors of Rogue Performance Fresno values the First Amendment and as such we wholeheartedly support those protesting racism and police brutality. Fringe festivals like Rogue Festival value open access to performance opportunities for all people and we will continue to strive toward that ideal. Rogue Festival also has an unofficial motto of “Don’t Be A Dick” and as such we stand against the violence and systemic injustice that African Americans and other people of color live with in our society. 


The performing arts and non-profit organizations are not without their own historical and systemic biases. These can sometimes influence our processes and programming despite our best intentions. Therefore, we are committed to engaging in open discourse about the injustices of our world and how those injustices affect our performers, volunteers and audiences from all walks of life. Our policy is that we are a non-juried and uncurated festival. However, we will not turn away from any difficult discussions that arise from our programming and will endeavor to check our biases when we are confronted with them.

We also commit to engaging with everyone in our community, especially people of color, LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and all marginalized people in a respectful way that honors and welcomes their points of view. 


Finally, we encourage members of our Central Valley community to take action both as individuals and as organizations by donating to causes that are meaningful to them, contacting their elected representatives, or getting involved in local organizations that promote justice, equity, and inclusion.



The Board of Directors of Rogue Performance Fresno

Jaguar Bennett, Wendy Berry, Jayne Day, Tiffany Griggs, Tina Jones, John Jordan, Tracy Olsen, Amber Strid