Pretending Things are a Cock is the product of Bennett’s three years of global wandering, and combines the artistic, phallic-filled photographic display with hilarious and surprisingly heart-wrenching tales from Bennett’s life.

This Just for Laughs award-nominated show for Best Comedy has now been performed to sell-out audiences and critical acclaim world wide. The show has toured to some of the biggest festivals in the world including the renowned Edinburgh Fringe (2012) and Just for Laughs Zoofest in Montreal (2013).

A unique stand-up experience, PTAAC is a hilarious, but also strangely affecting pot-holed journey into the idiosyncratic world of Jon Bennett.

**Just for Laughs Award nomination for Best Comedy (Montreal Fringe, 2010)

**Pick of the Fringe Award (Winnipeg Fringe, 2011)

**Selected (Just for Laughs Zoofest, 2013)

**Critics Pick of the Fringe Award (San Diego Fringe, 2014)

**Pick of the Fringe Award (Calgary Fringe, 2015)

**Pick of the Fringe Award (Boulder Fringe, 2015)

**Funniest Show Award (London Fringe, 2015)

**Best Comedy Award nominee (Hobart Fringe, 2018)

“The funniest show at the fringe. Don’t miss it. ★★★★½” – Calgary Herald

“Fantastic comedic storytelling. ★★★★½” – Channel 44

“Instantly likeable, Bennett is a deft storyteller with a frank, confessional style that blends pathos and humour to great effect. ★★★★½” – Uptown Magazine (CAN)

“Dick obsessed humour goes much deeper. ★★★★” – Now Toronto

“Bennett delivers belly laugh after belly laugh. ★★★★” – London Free Press

“As Thursday’s show let out one of the audience members said, “That wasn’t what I was expecting.” This statement is insane. ★★★★” – Saskatoon Pheonix

“Jon Bennett is such a warm and charismatic performer he turns one of the most puerile concepts into something quite special indeed. ★★★★” – Hairline Reviews (UK)

“at the end of this hilarious and thoughtful hour, no one seems to want to leave the room. ★★★★” – Edmonton Journal (CAN)

“true brilliance ★★★★” – Vue Weekly (CAN)

“surprisingly touching ★★★★” – Winnipeg Free Press (CAN)

“Bennett is a rare talent and this is one of the funniest shows at the Festival.” – The Press (NZ)

“Bennett has a near-mystical ability to spin a yarn, bringing characters and places to vivid life.” – The Skinny (UK)

“Part travelogue, part personal adventure, Bennett tells these stories engagingly, swinging nicely between the hilarious and the sublime.” – Fest Magazine (UK)

“The bad-travel stories of Bill Bryson, the familial weirdness of Augusten Burroughs, the sharp wit of David Sedaris and slides that range from the bizarre to the ridiculously hilarious.” – CBC Manitoba (CAN)

“Delightful and enthralling” – Australian Comedy Review (AUS)

“Jon is smart, funny, engaging and talented.” – The Herald Sun (AUS)

“the indisputable fact that if your inner schoolboy needs a giggle, Jon Bennett is your messiah.” – UQ Events Arts & Entertainment (CAN)

“You see, the show is about more than Jon telling funny stories on stage. It is the beginning of a friendship in which you are his confidant. It is why after the show he invites you to have a beer with him, and why I feel comfortable calling him by his first name.”- Newshit Magazine (AUS)

“It needs to be seen to be believed”

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is not your average run-of-the-mill comedy show.”

“Ever get the feeling you’re being played with by a prankster with Andy Kaufman sensibilities?”– RHUM Magazine (AUS)

“Bennett is a natural storyteller and will have you completely engrossed” – Montreal Mirror (CAN)

Veni Vidi Vici


3/6/20   5:30pm
3/7/20   8:00pm
3/8/20 1:45pm
3/12/20  7:15pm

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  1. Beth
    5 months ago

    Great! Funny, relatable, roll with the punches storytelling that makes you want more! My first show of Rogue 2020, and I was so pleased!!

  2. Brooklynn Reeves-Mallett
    5 months ago

    Hilarious, high-energy, and witty. Don’t miss it!!

  3. Kevin Holland
    5 months ago

    This show was so great! When projection failed, he was able to just go with the flow and tell us all sorts of interesting and funny stories, captivating the audience with no extra props for a whole hour. Now that’s a real performer. So, so, SO good and entertaining!

  4. Melanie
    5 months ago

    I don’t know what we expected but it wasn’t this! I laughed so hard I was crying! See it early, see it often!

  5. Jim
    5 months ago

    Extremely funny, witty, amusing comedy involving Jon Bennett’s relating his personal story of growing up in an outback village in Australia and of his subsequent adventures on a 3-year walkabout the world while taking “hereiamin” photographs of his carefully arched body positioned against an unusual array of phallic objects on six continents.

  6. John Jordan
    5 months ago

    Great show. Not just middle school humor. Funny. Touching. Real life stories anyone can relate to.

  7. Andy
    5 months ago

    Jon had the whole audience howling, worth many times over the price of admission! SEE THIS SHOW.

  8. Doug
    5 months ago

    This is more stand-up comedy wrapped around personal narratives than anything. Not your typical therapy-session one-person show – witty, laugh-out-loud funny but also touching and real. Best of Rogue IMHO.

  9. Tina Jones
    5 months ago

    Extra show added at Spectrum on Satuday the 14th at 6:45.
    Great show, really funny. Don’t miss your last chance to see it this year!


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