In Exhibitions of the Malcontent, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Burns combines live music and storytelling for a celebration of DIY music. It’s about cheap guitars, making posters, recording in your bedroom, finding your voice and turning it up. It’s a journey off the main street, down an alley, stepping over puddles and broken glass to a dimly-lit room with a microphone and two speakers hanging from the ceiling. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll want to start a band.

Adam draws on art rock, post-punk and new wave influences to create dynamic and melodic songs full of rich imagery and wry humor. His lyrics celebrate the strange and magical things that thrive beneath the surface of everyday life in a world where superheroes, witches and arsonists rub shoulders with bored housewives and small town hustlers. His dynamic and agile guitar playing beautifully compliments his gritty vocal style. Visit www.adamburnsmusic.net for more.


3/7/20    8:00pm
3/8/20 4:15pm
3/12/20 7:15pm
3/13/20 6:00pm

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  1. Ron Kludas
    3 months ago

    This show caught our attention at the Rogue Teaser Show. We decided to fit it in and are glad we did. Fresh tunes played in a relaxed atmosphere with great vocals and a vibrant connection to the audience. Make time to see this show. You will not be disappointed!

  2. Alex
    3 months ago

    When we see musicians perform, we often experience their songs without getting a sense of the creative process, hard work, and personal experiences that bring them to life. In Exhibitions of the Malcontent, Adam Burns delivers not only the finely crafted and performed musical gems his fans have come to expect, but he also draws us in, takes us by the ear and invites us on a journey from the garage to the stage, from inspiration to realization, straight to the living, beating heart of the song. Don’t miss this show-if you’re a musician, you’ll see yourself; and if you’re not, you might just leave this show and go buy a guitar.

  3. Nicholas J Zacherl
    3 months ago

    No one deserves to see such good songwriting so parsimoniously demonstrated. This show is a measured and rare gift in the west.


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