These are the Regular Rogue Festival operated venues. Rogue Festival staff trains and manages all volunteers helping to run and sell tickets at each venue. These are the venues available for the Rogue Application Lottery.

Venue Information:

MAINSTAGE – usually seats 50-80 and has general lighting wash, one special, a basic sound system, and a technician supplied. Time limit: 60 minutes. Ticket prices: $12 maximum. (We recommend a cool $10 for Fresno audiences!)

Dianna’s School of Dance  – . Open stage – ballroom floor surrounded by black pipe and drape. $FEE: $575.  Seating: 80 max

The Revue (Formerly Mia Cuppa) Studio and Gallery – Large back-room of coffee house. 12 x 8 foot stage* on platform, raised 18 inches. The Revue is a full-service cafe in front of house. $FEE: $550. Seating: 65 max.

Vista Theater – Intimate storefront theater space. Stage 12 x 8 foot stage* on platform raised 12 inches. $FEE: $575.  Seating: 70 max

* (approximate size)

CAFE – Has limited or no tech. A general wash of light, a mic and a PA are set up for the performance. $FEE: $170. Time limit: 45 minutes. Ticket Prices: $7 maximum.

Spectrum Art Gallery – An open-plan art gallery seating 30-50.

Fulton Street Art – A small, storefront art gallery seating 30-50. Very intimate.

CAFE PLUS– Veni Vidi Vici! Everything a Cafe offers PLUS a larger seating capacity of 70. The Vini Vidi Vici space is on their outdoor back patio, canopy covered, with cabaret-style seating. Vini Vidi Vici is a full service restaurant and bar inside. $FEE: $275.  Ticket prices: $7 maximum.