Every year there are some folks who miss the application process or don’t make it into the “Regular Rogue” part of the Festival. They want OPTIONS!

OFF-ROGUE VENUES:  Rogue contracts with a business to operate a full venue.

For many years, we’ve had what we call an “Off-Rogue” program (also known as a Bring Your Own Venue).  

Off-Rogues are businesses with a performing arts space who contract with Rogue Festival to provide an additional venue and to book and manage the artists within that venue. This provides the business with some additional income and foot traffic, while also providing Rogue Festival with more shows and artists.

If an artist can book a slot with an Off-Rogue Venue, they receive from the business:

  • Support for front of house and ticket selling
  • A performing space (sometimes with a technician and sometimes without – depends upon the space).
  • Scheduling of shows within Rogue Festival’s show time-frame
  • Management of the cash sales and payment to the artist of 100% their box office receipts.
  • Various other responsibilities based on the contract signed between the business and the artist.

From Rogue Festival, the artist receives:

  • Listing in the Rogue Festival program
  • Rogue Festival performer badge (free entrance to shows and other events)
  • Invitations to all Rogue Festival artist activities, promo opportunities, social events

It is the responsibility of the artist to contact Off-Rogue venues to enquire about booking a slot. The contract will be between the artist and the business, not between the artist and Rogue Festival. Fees and contract are determined by the business, not Rogue Festival. Off-Rogue is recommended for acts who would normally be Mainstage acts in the regular Festival.

2019 Off-Rogue Venues (tentative):  Contact California Arts Academy Severence.  Off-Rogues typically line up their acts in September and October in order to meet their November 15 deadline.


NEW PROGRAM:  THE ARTIST UNDERGROUND!  Rogue contracts directly with an individual artist/company who will take on their own show in a non-Rogue space.

Harkening back to our early BYOV days, the artists underground is for individual artists who have the vision and chutzpah to put up their own show entirely.  Ideal for artists who can work in a variety of spaces, can seek out unusual venues or possibilities, and who’d like to control more of their Rogue show experience.

Artist pays $200 and sends show info to Rogue Festival by November 30th.


  • Listing in the program of FIVE performances. Listing on the fresnoroguefestival.com website with links to artist’s website and their own ticketing sites.
  • 50-100 free programs for their venue. No wristbands. Wristbands will not be required for entry.
  • Max 5 performer badges for free entry into shows and inclusion in all Rogue performer activities and information.  In return, artist must honor volunteer ducats and VIP passes. 10-show-passes will not apply.
  • Complete control of their own box office. Can be cash only or use their own card swiper. We list their payment methods in the program & on website. Price set at what they can get.
  • Complete control of their showtimes and location – the artists will book their own venues on their own steam and negotiate their own terms with their location.

What they do not receive:

  • Volunteers to run their box office. They must provide their own front of house management.
  • Technical support or equipment.
  • Billeting
  • Listing on Rogue’s Ticketleap – we will sell no tickets for them online. Will link to their own ticket sales site.
  • Accounting support or starting cash for change.
  • Help in booking or negotiating a venue.

Rogue prefers that selected venues be in the vicinity of Tower District, Fresno High, or Downtown Fresno.  It is the responsibility of the artist to contact potential venues to inquire about arranging a show.  Some possible locations in local businesses: Hart’s Haven Bookstore, Brass Unicorn, Studio 74 Gallery, Tower Lounge, Tower Records or any business, parking lot, or space where you can envision a great show! 

So, Underground Artists are part of the Rogue community as Rogue performers, but have more choice and more responsibility over their shows.  This program is ideal for musicians who know of a venue to work with, cabaret or non-traditional performers, pop-up or site specific theater, and any performer who can see possibilities and wants to take control of their opportunities!

Deadline for Artist Underground fees and information is November 30th.

If you’re interested in the Rogue Artist Underground program or would like more guidance on how to set up an Underground, contact executive directors Amber Strid and Vince Warner at producer@fresnoroguefestival.com