Applications are closed

Thank you for applying, the lottery drawing will be on October 6th!

If you are applying to the Rogue Festival for 2020, here is the outline of what you need to know to get the process done.


  • There will be separate lotteries for Mainstage division, Cafe division, and Cafe Plus division. Applicants may apply only once for one division, so please choose your venue division carefully. See below for more information on Venue Divisions.
  • Mainstage and Cafe division lotteries will be split 50/50 for Out of Town and In-Town (Fresno and contiguous counties) applicants. Cafe Plus will be a general lottery.
  • A waitlist for each division will be maintained for any remaining or forfeited slots.


  • Applications will be received online from September 1, 2019 to October 1st will be entered into the lottery for their division.
  • After the application period closes, the applications will be divided by Venue Division and given an assigned number.
  • Application numbers for each division will be entered into a random number generator and selected in a random order.
  • Lottery will be drawn on October 6th for performers and a waitlist. 
  • Venue fees are due October 28th or the slot will be released to the waitlist. No exceptions.


Application Fee: $35.00 due upon application.

We use the PayPal credit card processor, but you do not need to open a PayPal account to pay.


Application Period: Applications will open on September 1, 2019 and close on October 1, 2019. 


Application links: Application links will be available on our website and pinned to the top of our Facebook and Twitter feeds on September 1st.


Options for local acts who do not make it through the lottery:

Book a slot at one of the mainstage Off-Rogue venues. LINK TO INFORMATION

Rogue Artist Underground. LINK TO INFORMATION



Application window: September 1st to October 1st

Lottery Drawn: October 6th

Winners and Waitlisters notified: October 6th and 8th

Venue Payments Due: October 28

Performer Show info/image due: November 15th

Festival: Friday, March 6 to Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ticket Sales Payout: Checks issued by April 15th.



Please read this information carefully to best choose your Venue Division for the lottery.


Mainstage Division: Intimate, blackbox style spaces in performing arts businesses (examples: a recital studio, art studio performance space, and dance school. Ideal for small plays with few props/furnishings and small casts, storytelling, one-two person shows with some tech, small group dance shows, physical performance, etc.)

  • 5 Shows
  • Seats 50 – 80 people
  • Can charge up to $12 per seat.
  • Basic light and sound tech:
    • Lighting: a general wash and one special
    • Sound: Basic CD or audio input for sound cues.
  • One staff technician
  • Venue fee: $575
  • Show time limit: 60 minutes max. (15 minute set up and tear down)


Cafe Division: Often small art galleries or spaces in the back of local businesses. Ideal for small shows in development, one-two person shows needing little space, storytelling, readings, solo musicians.

  • 4 Shows
  • Seats 40-50
  • Can charge up to $7 per seat.
  • No technical lighting or sound. Only general room lighting, a mic and PA available in each.
  • No technician to run equipment.
  • Venue fee: $170
  • Show time limit: 45 minutes max. (15 minute set up and tear down)


Cafe Plus: Cabaret-style outdoor patio space behind a popular bar/restaurant. Ideal for stand-up comedy or music.

  • 4 Shows
  • Seats 70.
  • Can charge up to $7 per seat.
  • No technical lighting or sound. Only general area lighting, a mic and PA available in each.
  • No technician to run equipment.
  • Venue fee: $275
  • Show time limit: 45 minutes max. (15 minute set up and tear down)


Each venue has an assigned venue manager to help organize front of house volunteers and basic on site needs. Any additional technical equipment, set pieces, theatrical gear needed is the responsibility of the act’s producer and not the responsibility of Rogue Festival.  Each show must be able to be set up, taken down, and reset within 15 minutes maximum.


Click here for venue photos and descriptions! 


Assigning artists a venue and time slots: After the lottery, shows will be assigned a venue and time slots based on their show description and any additional information or needs listed on the application. Please be thorough regarding your preferences and needs. We cannot guarantee a perfect match, but we will endeavor to take your needs as they are listed on the application into account.


As always, Rogue Festival artists receive 100% of their ticket sales online and at the door (after any ticketing fees).  




Questions? Problems? Gripes or Moans? Contact Executive Directors Amber Strid and Vince Warner at