A desperate housecleaner —down-and-out, but rich in swagger and recklessness— takes over the mansion of a porn magnate, and hits pay dirt by charging women who want to see men express their feelings. Evelyn Jean Pine’s Freeloader in the House of Love is a one-woman show about passion, art, and living off someone else’s dime. This story of a woman who has lost everything — so she has nothing left to lose — is developed with and directed by Charlie Varon with character work by Julia McNeal. Winner of the “Sold Out” Award at the 2018 San Francisco Fringe and the “Most Compelling Story” at the 2019 Boulder Fringe.


3/6/20   6:45pm
3/7/20 3:00pm
3/12/20 6:00pm
3/14/20 8:00pm

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  1. James (Mingalaba)
    3 months ago

    A wonderfully written show, which stands alone amongst other shows in the Rogue. It asks a lot of fascinating questions and is completely fictitious! Perhaps audiences think this is all a true story… nope. It is a carefully crafted character study, which dares to explore solo performance. Take a chance and check it out!

  2. Marc
    3 months ago

    An excellent solo show. Her cadenced delivery and connection to the audience and her characters are incredibly crafted.


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