Illusionist Bryan Patrick is back for the 2020 Rogue Festival! Bryan has created a new show for the 2020 Rogue Festival. You will laugh, you may cry but you won’t believe your eyes. So, you do not want to miss Illusionist Bryan Patrick.

Dianna’s Studio of Dance

3/6/20     8:30pm
3/7/20 3:30pm
3/8/20 6:30pm
3/13/20 10:00pm
3/14/20 5:00pm

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  1. Jim
    3 months ago

    First of all, an over-arching comment about ALL the Rogue magic shows: they are excellently enjoyable and should not be missed. Fascinating silk handkerchief manipulations and amazing rope tricks abound—Bryan Patrick is particularly engaging with any young child who might be in the audience when it comes to audience participation tricks, for those of you bringing your children. His fast-paced show has a lot of tricks to display without a great deal of oral filler in between events.


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