In 2050, Thea is the second-fastest natural runner in the world, and she’s furious; she wants to be first. Bionic athletes are much faster – and more famous — but Thea doesn’t care about them: cyborgs aren’t human.

Zainab disagrees; she’s the nat-running champion, but she’d give it up in a heartbeat for the chance to run faster. When Zainab asks Thea for help, Thea is torn. Bionic upgrades go against everything Thea believes in – but with her rival out of the picture, Thea could finally win gold.

Katherine Glover is a six-time Rogue Festival veteran; after a long hiatus, she is thrilled to be back. Past shows include A Cynic Tells Love Stories, Burning Brothels: Sex and Death in Nevada, Dead Wrong, and Rogue exclusive A Girl Walks Into a Bar. An award-winning playwright, Katherine recently moved to Los Angeles to write for television. For more info, visit

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3/6/20    7:00pm
3/7/20 10:00pm
3/8/20 5:00pm
3/13/20 7:00pm
3/14/20 2:00pm