2021 Off-Rogue Information for Producers or Off-Rogue Venues_

Virtual Rogue 2021 Fee: $40 per show.


Please fill out the following forms to register as an Off-Rogue Producer for Virtual Rogue 2021



PERFORMER AND SHOW INFORMATION FORM (please fill out this form for each separate performer you are listing with the Festival) 


All forms, show information, marketing materials, and fees are due November 30th at 11:59 pm PT.


About Rogue Festival 2021: March 5 – 13, 2021.

The Rogue Performance Festival is a 10-day performance art festival. Rogue Festival champions the gritty, got-something-to-say outlook of the independent performer and Fresno’s Tower District. By connecting art, artist, and audience in a non-curated, non-adjudicated program every year, Rogue Festival honors those who speak their truth, challenge the status quo, and perform audaciously – creating a distinctly forward-thinking culture as it goes along.


Presented in a Rogue Festival style format, the Festival includes theatre, dance, spoken-word, music, performance art, puppetry and more for fearless Central Valley audiences. The festival is unjuried​ – artists are chosen through a public lottery – and the festival is uncensored​ – content is entirely up to the artist, experimentation is encouraged.


Due to the current pandemic, the 2021 Rogue Festival will be first and foremost a Virtual Rogue, with artist programming presented via Zoom. Regular Rogue ticket prices are capped at $10 (100% of which goes back to the artist, minus ticketing fees to Ticketleap).


About Virtual Off-Rogue Venues


Off-Rogue venues are specifically designed for a single producer or a producing body (theatre company, arts school, etc.) to schedule and support their own slate of multiple shows using their own resources. The producer curates and schedules the shows at their own discretion, provides scheduling, technical, box office, and volunteer services, and can charge the performers whatever fees they like. The shows are listed as Rogue Festival shows, performers and producers are given Rogue rights, and are provided with the same marketing efforts as a “Regular Rogue” act.






What the Rogue Festival Provides You


  • Marketing support: inclusion in press kit, social media, e-newsletters, etc.
  • Website listing with links to your websites and ticket sales
  • Virtual “badges” for you as a producer
  • Virtual “badges” for your performers to see other virtual shows on our schedule.



Your rights as an Off-Rogue Producer

  • You choose the acts you wish to present
  • You control and create the schedule of shows made at your own discretion
  • Establishment of ticket prices along with your artists. (we recommend capping at $10, but there are no limits for Off-Rogues)
  • You provide all Ticketing support and ticket payments to your performers.
  • You control the virtual venue platform and can work with your own volunteers to support the needs of your shows.
  • Off-Rogue Producers can set their artist fees at their own discretion.
  • Off-Rogue Producers enter into their own agreements with artists at their own discretion. Rogue Festival does not have an agreement with the Off-Rogue artist, just the Off-Rogue producer



What the Rogue Expects From You


Payouts delivered to your performers by the end of April.


Marketing materials of each of your shows delivered on time. These can be gathered from your performers and sent to Rogue Producers via the Performer and Show Information form

Virtual venue hosting and support via an online platform of your choice


All official communications between Rogue Festival and the Off-Rogues will happen via email. A monthly email round-up of information and due dates will be sent in the first week of each month to both artists and Off-Rogue producers. Please keep track of due dates and your performer’s needs.


To ensure that all permissions and rights for the work of the scheduled artists be secured. If Rogue Festival receives a cease and desist letter for any materials presented in an Off-Rogue, we will pull our marketing support for the work and it will be dropped as a “Rogue Show”.


That the Off-Rogue producer and all Off-Rogue Performers will adhere to our Code of Conduct as posted on our website.




Applications and Process:



Important Dates


November 30:​ Deadline for Virtual Off-Rogue Venue Fees, Producer Information Form, and Show Info Forms (includes marketing and program information). This form contains all of the performer contact info, marketing materials, and show information for our program. Off-Rogue Fee is $40 per show. Late fee applied to registrations and show information received between Nov 31 – Dec 15. No Off-Rogue Virtual Venues will be accepted after December 15. Late Fee: $50 per show.

December 15:​ Deadline to withdraw with 90% refund.

December 31: ​Deadline to withdraw with 50% refund (after this date, all fees become non-refundable.)

January 15: Deadline for submitting press release and press image for inclusion in our Rogue Festival Media Kit.

January 29:​ Teaser Show promotional videos due – if not received by this date, your promo video will not be included in our Teaser Show Livestream.

March 2 & 3: Teaser Show Livestream on Facebook and Instagram

March 5-13, 2021: Rogue Virtual Festival ​ Festival shows will run Fri, Sat, and Sundays each weekend.

April 30: Payouts to Artists Due.



Technical and Performance Information​

As a Virtual Festival, Virtual Rogue requires performances to be Zoom capable. As such, we recommend keeping your show as simple as possible.


For live performance via Zoom, screen sharing and sharing of audio clips can be supported via Rogue’s Virtual Zoom Hosts to support your performance. We recommend you keep these cues minimal.


Shows may be pre-recorded and submitted to be streamed to the audience via Zoom during the assigned showtimes. We recommend this for shows with more technical requirements, movement, or editing needs.


We highly recommend using Virtual Rogue as a way to workshop new material for solo artists or two person shows. We can also facilitate audience Q&A (10-15 minutes) if time permits and the performer plans for it.



Comp Tickets

Off-Rogue Producers and Artists agree to allow other Rogue Artists, Staff and Volunteers to use their Virtual Rogue Badge as free passes to all performances of all shows. In return, performers and producers will also receive a Virtual Rogue Badge to see shows on our schedule.



Housing & Transportation​

Rogue does not supply billeting to Off-Rogue performers.



The Rogue Festival will be closely monitoring the public health circumstances in Fresno County. Beginning in January, we will consider opening 1 – 2 outdoor cabaret venues in the Tower District. Our outdoor, cabaret venues can be set up with as little as a week’s notice, so artists interested in possibly performing live will need to be ready with very little notice.


If a Virtual Off-Rogue venue would like to be open for local in-person shows, they may do so when and if Rogue Festival goes to Hybrid mode in Fresno. The producer will be responsible for acquiring an appropriate venue, technical support, box office and volunteer support.


If a Virtual Off-Rogue promotes and produces in-person “Rogue Shows” outside of Rogue’s Hybrid mode, the marketing support and privileges of those artists will be cancelled.


Our decision to go Hybrid will depend upon a combination of factors, including but not limited to: Fresno County Public Health Guidelines, the advice of our public health advisor, access to an appropriate venue, and our board of directors’ discussion and approval.



Contact Information​

The 2021 Rogue Producers are:

  • Co-Producer, administration: Heather Parish (heather.rogue@gmail.com)
  • Co-Producer, operations: Amber Strid (roguefestival@gmail.com)
  • Associate Producer: Wendy Berry (sunflower44wb@yahoo.com)


The Rogue Festival Staff is always happy to help answer any questions. Feel free to contact co-producer Heather Parish at rogue.heather@gmail.com. She is also available on FB, Twitter and Instagram: @heatherdparish



Final Information & Acknowledgment of Information​

Companies and producers accepted as “Off-Rogues” into the Rogue Performance Festival cannot sell or transfer their spot in the Festival to another artist or group. If a company sells, transfers or trades their space to another company, both companies will be removed from the Festival and all paid fees will be forfeited. Changes in the Festival program are at the discretion of the Festival producers only.


The Rogue Performance Festival reserves the right to cancel confirmed Off-Rogue registrations should unforeseen circumstances arise. This includes anything that would interfere with the mounting of the Festival as a whole.


The Rogue Festival will accept no liability for performance cancellations as a result of natural phenomena, war, public health, or the actions of third parties. The Festival makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the suitability of any particular venue – virtual or in-person –  for performance presentation. In the event of a loss of a venue (or an unforeseen loss of Festival revenue needed to operate a venue) the Festival reserves the right to cancel the performances in that venue or producer.


All producers agree to adhere to the laws of Fresno, California, the USA, and the policies, procedures and safety restrictions of the Rogue Performance Festival and each of its participating venues, virtual or otherwise. All companies are obligated to act in the best interests of the Festival as a whole at all times. The Rogue Performance Festival reserves the right to cancel any or all performances of any producer or performing company not adhering to these regulations or not adhering to our Code of Conduct as posted on our website.


Upon acceptance to the Rogue Performance Festival, producers are required to submit all requested materials and information in full and on time. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to the performing company, producer, or artist, or removal from the Festival. In addition, all promotional and publicity materials must include the Rogue Festival logo and/or mention of the Rogue Festival as a presenting body.


Submission of the application and subsequent payments indicate your acceptance of and agreement to all listed terms and conditions of participation with the Rogue Performance Festival contained herein.



Acknowledgment of Information


By accepting a spot in the 2021 Rogue Performance Festival, you agree to adhere to all of the above policies and procedures and our code of conduct.