Rogue Festival Applications: Get Prepared – Full Information Here!

Rogue Festival is for anyone with a voice and passion who wants to find an audience. ANYONE. All you need is an idea for a show, the venue and application fees, and the chutzpah to to put yourself out there.

Be Rogue_Performers - 45Rogue Festival is inclusive and uncensored. We accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis until the performer slots are filled and a short wait list is created.  There is no judging for quality of the material and Rogue doesn’t control or filter the artist’s content. We allow the performers to present their material and the audience to decide what is worth their time and money.

Once your application is confirmed, Rogue Festival will assign the artist to a venue and the artist can then develop their idea into compelling, challenging, and innovative art for Fresno’s most adventurous audiences. 100% of the ticket sales for the performer’s show goes right back to the performer.  


*please note: if performers intend to perform in one of our Off-Rogue Venues, this application process does not apply to you. Contact the Off-Rogue venue directly to arrange a slot directly with them. 

Rogue Festival Dates:  March 2 – 11, 2017.

Application Open Date:

Applications open at 12:00 PM PST on Saturday, October 1st.   

Where to apply: Beginning Oct 1 at Noon PST ONLY.

The General Application Process:

  • Submit your application information and application fee. Applications open October 1 at 12:00 p.m. and remain open until all slots are filled, including a waitlist of 20 people.
    • TIP: Apply as early as possible as slots fill up quickly. In 2015, our 44 available slots filled up in 15 minutes. We’re not kidding about this.  
  • Applications will remain open until we have filled our mainstage and cafe slots plus a waiting list of 20 applicants.  At that time, the applications will be closed. We do this so that we don’t continue taking non-refundable application fees from artists who stand little chance of getting a slot in the festival.  In the past, over half of our wait list was accommodated as other acts canceled their slots.
  • Receive confirmation of your performance slot and assigned venue, along with information regarding deadlines for paying your venue fee. Venue fees are due in full by 11:59pm October 21st.
  • After all venue fees are paid on time, Rogue performers are fully confirmed and will receive further instructions for the remainder of the year regarding publicity, events, and schedules for Rogue 2017.

What you need to apply:  

  • Contact Information – the individual contact for the act: name, email, phone number, addresses. This information will be used throughout the festival, so please be certain it is correct.
  • Company or Artist Name – the name of the performer or group as it is to appear in the program.
  • Working Title of Show – This can be the final title or a temporary title.
  • Show Genre – Theater, Dance, Music, Spoken Word, Comedy
  • Show Rating – G, PG, PG – 13, Adults Only. The anticipated rating for your material.
  • Venue Tier –  Choose Cafe, Cafe Plus, or Mainstage. Your venue fees will be based on this selection.
  • Venue Preference – This is an optional item. If you have a preferred venue, you may indicate it here. There are NO GUARANTEES that you will be assigned your preferred venue.
  • Special Performance Requests – Example: preferred time of day for performances, space with a separate backstage, etc. Again, there are NO GUARANTEES that your requests can be met (but we will do our best to take them into consideration!)
  • $35 Non-refundable Application Fee– paid by credit card (PayPal also accepted online)

This is preliminary application information. Finalized information on each show will be requested from confirmed Rogue performers in November.

  • TIP: Because the application process is so quick, we recommend you prepare this information in advance in a text document on your computer, then copy and paste into the web form application when applications go live.


Please note: Rogue Festival can not accommodate acts available for only one weekend.



Be Rogue_Sponsor - 38Rogue Festival requires performers to adapt their work to the limits of the performance areas. We work in storefronts, the backs of coffee shops and bars, art galleries, and in music and dance studios, creating a pop-up performance, DIY attitude. Ambient noise from the street and neighboring businesses is part of the Rogue performance experience. If you can perform here, you can perform anywhere!

It is recommended that shows are kept to a minimum of set up and technical needs. Basic light cues and sound cues are available in the mainstages.  Only a general lighting wash and mic/pa is available in the cafes (no light cues available).  

All performances begin and end on time. Mainstage performances have a limit of 60 minutes maximum. Cafe and Cafe Plus performances have a limit of 45 minutes.

Performers will have 15 minutes to load in and set up their stage prior to their showtime and 15 minutes to load out after their show ends. Schedules are strictly maintained.  Performers are not permitted to mount or attach equipment to the walls of the performances spaces and the entire performance space must be cleaned and cleared of any debris from performances within the 15 minute load out limitation. 

We hope to have a hospitality space available to performers and volunteers who need to temporarily store items prior to their shows and shifts.  Stay tuned!



MAINSTAGE – usually seats 50-70 and has general lighting wash, one center special, a basic sound system, and a technician supplied. One tech rehearsal provided. FEE: $575.  Maximum ticket price: $10.  60 minutes max. 

  • Dianna’s School of Dance  – Seats approximately 65 on risers. Open stage – ballroom floor surrounded by black pipe and drape. Backstage/greenroom area.  FEE: $575
  • Mia Cuppa Caffe – Seats approximately 50 in large back-room of coffee house. 12 x 8 foot stage* on platform, raised 18 inches. Mia Cuppa is a full-service cafe in front of house. No separate backstage or greenroom. Holding area for performers is at the back of the space with the technician.  FEE: $475
  • VISTA Theater (formerly The Voice Shop) – Seats approximately 60 in intimate storefront theater space. Stage 12 x 8 foot stage* on platform raised 12 inches.  Separate backstage/greenroom area.  FEE: $575

* (approximate size)

CAFE – usually seats around 40-50 and has limited or no tech. A general wash of light, a mic and a PA are set up for the performance. No technician, light or sound cues provided. No separate backstage or greenroom area.  Maximum ticket price: $5. 45 minutes max. 

Spectrum Art Gallery – An open-plan art gallery seating 30-50.   FEE: $175.

Fulton Street Art – A small, storefront art gallery seating 30-50. Very intimate.  FEE: $175.


CAFE PLUS– Veni Vidi Vici! Cafe PLUS offers everything a Cafe offers PLUS a larger seating capacity of 70! The Vini Vidi Vici space is on their outdoor back patio, canopy covered, with cabaret-style seating. Veni Vidi Vici is a full service restaurant and bar inside (use it as a selling point!). FEE: $270.  Maximum ticket price: $5. 45 minutes max. 


Anyone with an idea and something compelling to communicate is welcome to apply to the 16th Annual Rogue Festival. We strive to present a variety of styles, voices, and points of view from truly independent performers. Your voice is needed, wanted, and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say!  


Get the show on the Rogue in 2017! March 3-11, 2017 in Fresno’s Tower District.