Rogue Festival Updates for 3/12/20

“The Rogue Festival is committed to completing the remaining three days of performances if possible, but we are evaluating the situation on a day-by-day basis. We advise all persons who are feeling ill, are elderly, or have compromised immune systems to stay home. Our festival volunteers are cleaning surfaces in our venues and maintaining hand-washing and hand-sanitizing hygiene. Any change to our Festival schedule will be announced on our website, via Facebook and Twitter, and in our e-newsletters by 2 p.m. Friday and noon on Saturday.

Thank you,
Rogue Board of Directors
You may leave feedback with the board at

The following individual shows are cancelled from the lineup:

  • Hope Lafferty, “Inhibitionist(!)” – final show at 1:45 pm on 3/14 cancelled and replaced with James Sundquist, “Mingalaba”.
  • Smiley Calderon, “So Why Did I Move To Fresno? I’m Glad You Asked.” At Goldstein’s. All remaining performances cancelled.
  • Katherine Glover, “Faster” at Hart’s Haven is cancelled.
  • John Michael, “It’s Not All About You, John Michael” All remaining performances cancelled.
  • Dana Merwin, “The Skinny Show.” All remaining performances cancelled.
  • Beth McLaughlin, “Silenced”. All remaining performances cancelled.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Wed, Mar 11, 2020
In light of recent public concerns surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus), the Rogue Festival wishes to assure audiences that the Festival’s operations fall within acceptable California Public Health Department guidelinesfor public gatherings.

In fact!

  • We have no performers traveling from a Level Three Health Warning locations.
  • The vast majority of our audiences come from within Fresno County.
  • All of our venues are separate from one another and most don’t have a seating capacity higher than 100. Most actually seat fewer than 50.
  • All of our official venues have adequate ventilation and hand-washing facilities. All of our volunteer tables have hand sanitizing supplies.

We encourage…

  • Attendance if you are feeling well and ready to support local art and local community
  • Dressing warmly and bringing tissues and medications for your allergies
  • Hand washing regularly throughout the event
  • Giving performers and friends a fist bump instead of a hand shake. . . or just a “Great show!” exclamation from across the room.

Volunteers to use hand sanitizer on their hands and to wipe off touch-screens each shift
While we’d love to have you, please reconsider attending if you are showing flu-like symptoms or have delicate health conditions. Keeping our community healthy and reducing all kinds of respiratory illness during this season is important to us!

If our status changes (which we don’t anticipate), we will post announcements on our webpage, social medias, and via our e-newsletter.

Stay Calm and Rogue On!

Rogue Festival