Blanca Fiberton is The Miss American Dream Show. Taxes, infomercials and snacks. Everything America loves, Fiberton serves it up with satire and physical comedy. It’s the adult show you never wanted! Remember when television was educational after school? Start to learn again with Miss American Dream. You won’t even want to tune out for the ads.

Written and performed by Sierra Camille and Directed by Dan Griffiths, The Miss American Dream show was birthed in a San Francisco basement and has traveled up and down the west coast for the past year. Recently completing a residency at Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland, CA this show is once again hot off the press!

ViSTA Theater

3/6/20    10:00pm
3/7/20 5:00pm
3/8/20 3:30pm
3/13/20 5:30pm
3/14/20 8:00pm

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