Steve Budd wondered what other people knew about sex that he didn’t. So he asked them. Meet a gay man, a polyamorous woman, a transsexual, and an octogenarian, and take a wild tour of their stories and secrets—and Steve’s. Satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies about what other people do between the sheets. Check out the newest mashup of personal storytelling and verbatim theater from an award-winning solo performer who “sparkles with manic and irrepressible charm” (Theatrius).

Spectrum Art Gallery

3/7/20    6:45pm 
3/8/20 3:00pm
3/13/20 9:45pm
3/14/20 3:00pm

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  1. Lorie Ham
    3 months ago

    To learn more about this show check out their article in Kings River Life together with some other Rogue Festival performer articles https://kingsriverlife.com/02/22/rogue-performer-previews-portrait-climbing-sex/


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