Miss Fitts: Seam-Busting Circus Comedy

2x BEST OF FRINGE and International AWARD-WINNING theatrical CIRCUS duo, Figmentally returns to FRESNO with a genre-defying CIRCUS COMEDY! ✨ “Prepare to be dazzled and delighted by wild, circus-inspired imagination.” (Georgia Straight) Meet MISS FITTS, a befuddled and daydreaming seamstress who is about to have her world turned upside down by her skittish new client, SIR TINNLY. Will the jacket

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Name-Tag Blues

A multi-award winning show from Shane “Scurvy” Spears. True tales from the joe-jobs of an angry working stiff; from the cash register trenches of the American retail wasteland to the oubliettes of telemarketing grind pits, a comedic journey through one mans dissonance with the punch clock. Go behind behind the name-tag with interviews gone wrong, bosses given the finger, drug

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The Miss American Dream Show

Blanca Fiberton is The Miss American Dream Show. Taxes, infomercials and snacks. Everything America loves, Fiberton serves it up with satire and physical comedy. It’s the adult show you never wanted! Remember when television was educational after school? Start to learn again with Miss American Dream. You won’t even want to tune out for the ads. Written and performed by

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Jaguar and Heather Save Your Marriage

Why have all your relationships been miserable failures? Because you don’t know how to do relationships right! Jaguar Bennett and Heather Parish, America’s Perfect Couple™, will teach you their infallible rules for a happy marriage, in this hilarious satire of self-help, relationship advice, and gender roles. Jaguar and Heather put the normal in heteronormativity! BUY TICKETS NOW Sell tickets online

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How to Really, Really? Really! Love a Woman

How to Really, Really? Really! Love a Woman is a hilarious (and informative!) primer on how to honor the Goddess. Part storytelling, part stand-up, part TED talk, part Vagina Monologue, this sex-positive solo show dives deep into the ancient art of going down, and what it takes to make the pussy purr….. Broadway World calls it “funny, empowering, and just

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