Jaguar and Heather Save Your Marriage

Why have all your relationships been miserable failures? Because you don’t know how to do relationships right! Jaguar Bennett and Heather Parish, America’s Perfect Couple™, will teach you their infallible rules for a happy marriage, in this hilarious satire of self-help, relationship advice, and gender roles. Jaguar and Heather put the normal in heteronormativity! BUY TICKETS NOW Sell tickets online

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Hello, Boar—You Must Be Hungry

Set in Honolulu, “Hello, Boar, You Must Be Hungry” is a Taiwanese and Japanese American daughter’s coming of age story. The story loosely follows the relationship between a Japanese American father and a wild boar that wanders into his yard, and through vignettes explores questions around what gets passed down, cultural translation, and magical thinking. This piece was developed with

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It’s Not ALL About You John Michael

John Michael turns the audience into versions of himself attending the 2019 National John Michael Convention. John Michael’s imaginative, playful, irreverent, immersive show asks you to imagine what it’s like to be John Michael… who is imagining what it’s like to be you. This communal journey into empathy explores how to be true to what we love about ourselves while

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