$10/Pay What You Want

Cash/Credit at the Door

First, we touch junk. Next, get your mind out of the gutter. The title and graphics got you here so, come see our show. We tell tales via the craft of junk puppetry. And our poster? It’s in the show.

This found object (we like to call junk) puppetry show features the talents of Aileen Imperatrice, Dorian Margaret, John Masier, Mallory Moad, and Tony Imperatrice and is helmed by Marcel Nunis.

The show will be performed in the Tent Of Tales… a tent in the backyard of 416 E. Brown Avenue… only a 5 minute drive from the Tower District. Do dress warmly.


Tent of Tales

3/7/20     7:00PM
3/8/20 8:30PM
3/11/20 8:30PM
3/12/20 7:00PM
3/13/20 8:30PM


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