We may be doing Rogue safely from home this year, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get your annual booster shot of original, independent and unique performances from our artists. No matter how it is done, Rogue brings you things you’re not likely to see anywhere else!

But we know you may have questions, so here are some answers! If you have other questions, please feel free to email producer Heather at




How will I see shows?

In the comfort of your own home via Zoom!


How do I get into the Zoom?

When you purchase a ticket on Ticketleap, you’ll receive one message that contains the ticket receipt and a second message with the zoom link. If you don’t receive your zoom link message, please check your spam box to see if it is there. If it isn’t, then contact to inquire.


What if I don’t have Zoom?

Zoom is a free app that you can download to your desktop, tablet, or even your smartphone. If you download and open a free account, you’ll just need to hit the link in the email and the app will open for you and you’ll be prompted to join the “meeting”. You can find tutorials on how to join a Zoom meeting here.


What will the shows be like on Zoom?

Much like Rogue shows in “real life”, each show will be a little bit different depending upon what the artist performs. Some will be pre-recorded and some will be live. Some will have a Q&A afterward. Some will want you to stay quiet in the chat, others will want audience interaction. The real trick is to be on-time for the show (always!) so you can hear from the Virtual Venue Manager what the show will entail. Rogue has always had a DIY, punk-rock approach to live performance, so we ask that audiences roll with us as well as we journey through these virtual performances together!


What about the Teaser Show? That’s how I decide what I want to see.

We wish we could gather our community, too, but it just isn’t safe at this time. So, tune into our Facebook Page on Tuesday, March 2nd at 7 p.m. to see 2 minute Teasers of a few of the shows! You’ll also be able to see their Teaser videos on our YouTube Channel for the rest of the week before we open on March 5th!


What about the tee-shirts?

We have a Shopify site up and running for some of the Rogue Swag. You can get a regular Rogue Logo tee, this year’s “Rona-Logo” tee, or a few other Rogue branded items. We can offer shipping, drop off, or curb-side pick up in the Tower District  when your order is ready.


Can I still read or leave reviews?

YES! We have a show Preview & Review Page upon our site now! If you see a show the first weekend, we highly recommend leaving a review there for the audiences the second weekend! We also suggest you follow Kings River Life and The Munro Review for previews and reviews throughout the festival!


How can I keep up with any news or changes in the Festival?

Well, you’re already in the right place! This website will keep you updated throughout the Festival. If you’d like to receive Daily Updates during the festival via email, just hit subscribe now! 

Rogue Festival Runs Friday, Saturday, and Sundays, March 5 – 14. Tickets are available at