It’s 3am. Summertime. 1993. Twelve-year-old Candice is marching around a Georgia campground with a group of church-going teens hell-bent (so to speak) on “banishing the devil” from camp. The next day, she unexpectedly has an encounter with Jesus and wonders, “Maybe the church has had it wrong this whole time?”

Spectrum Art Gallery

3/7/20    3:00pm
3/8/20 6:45pm
3/13/20 7:15pm
3/14/20 1:45pm

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  1. Lorie Ham
    1 year ago

    To learn more about this show check out their article in Kings River Life together with some other Rogue Festival performer articles https://kingsriverlife.com/02/22/rogue-performer-previews-portrait-climbing-sex/

  2. Dana
    12 months ago

    Candice is a powerful performer and skilled personal storyteller. She bravely brings to life so many vivid and vulnerable moments. Well done.

  3. Taylor S.
    12 months ago

    Very engaging actress presenting her apparently semi-autobiographical personal story quite effectively. Quite an interesting show, although it leaves one depressed to realize that the religious nut-jobs are still existing, still causing suffering and confusion and spreading poison into young lives. However, it is further depressing to realize how women in particular just seem to have a very difficult time in understanding how the world works. Anorexia is obviously not a solution and is mortally dangerous. A sex cult may be fun, but really…! The feminists after fifty some years now still seem essentially clueless.

  4. Ron Martin
    12 months ago

    This performance was a heartfelt testimony of faith while rejecting extreme and intolerant teachings of the churches she was involved in, and an odd cult she was part of. It began with a tribute to her grandfather with what he taught her and how she wished she could have learned more from him.


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