Gobsmacked is a lighthearted venture into the magical world of a stellar performer who’s whose sole purpose is to make you exit the theater with sore cheeks from laughter.Rogue veteran and award-winning comedy magician Tim Mannix returns with his unique blend of humor, prestidigitation & off-beat offerings to the Rogue Festival 2020.

This is a show that weaves comedy and magic into a warm-fuzzy ball of satisfaction for its onlookers and Tim Mannix brings such an infections and delightful sense of fun and mischief to everything he does.
Mannix is a comedy magician and mentalist, whose experience includes everything from Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle to touring California with his Wacky Science show.

Gobsmacked is rated “H” for hilarious.

Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore

3/7/20    6:30pm
3/8/20 3:30pm
3/12/20 7:30pm
3/13/20 8:30pm
3/14/20 3:30pm

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