Gobsmacked is a lighthearted venture into the magical world of a stellar performer who’s whose sole purpose is to make you exit the theater with sore cheeks from laughter.Rogue veteran and award-winning comedy magician Tim Mannix returns with his unique blend of humor, prestidigitation & off-beat offerings to the Rogue Festival 2020.

This is a show that weaves comedy and magic into a warm-fuzzy ball of satisfaction for its onlookers and Tim Mannix brings such an infections and delightful sense of fun and mischief to everything he does.
Mannix is a comedy magician and mentalist, whose experience includes everything from Hollywood’s world famous Magic Castle to touring California with his Wacky Science show.

Gobsmacked is rated “H” for hilarious.

Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore

3/7/20    6:30pm
3/8/20 3:30pm
3/12/20 7:30pm
3/13/20 8:30pm
3/14/20 3:30pm

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  1. Jim
    2 years ago

    First of all, an over-arching comment about ALL the Rogue magic shows: they are excellently enjoyable and should not be missed. Tim Mannis’s magic is greatly entertaining with his witty and casual, intimate presentation of great tricks. Hart’s Haven is also a great venue. It is a lovely hour spent with one’s leaving with a happy mood at the amazing things which had just happened.

  2. Carolyn Kidd
    2 years ago

    Tim Mannix is a great performer and puts on a helluva show for his audiences. He engages well with his viewers and gets everyone on board to follow his magic and mentalist tricks throughout the show. He made it an evening that I will never forget, Go support Tim!!!

  3. Lorie Ham
    2 years ago

    Learn more about this show by checking out their article in Kings River Life, it is together with some other Rogue show preview articles https://kingsriverlife.com/02/29/5-rogue-shows-from-local-performers/


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