Rogue Festival Update, Friday 3/13/20

The Rogue Festival Board of Directors has once again agreed to remain open for Rogue Festival programming for Friday evening. Rogue performers are at liberty to cancel or maintain their performances individually, as are Off-Rogue Venues (Cal Arts Severence and Hart’s Haven) and all Artist Underground performers.

The following individual shows are added to our current lineup:

James Sundquist, “Mingalaba.” Saturday, 1:45 p.m. Veni Vidi Vici

Noam Osband, “True Romance”. Saturday, 5 p.m. Hart’s Haven.
“Noam Osband sings about real life romance, from his own life and from the animal kingdom”

Jon Bennett, “Pretending Things are a Cock” at 6:45 pm at Spectrum

Jon Bennett, “Fire in the Methlab” at 8 p.m. at Spectrum. Info:

The following individual shows are cancelled from the lineup:

Five Guys. “Flower Tome Companion.” All remaining performances cancelled.

The Excursions, “Celebration of One-Hit Wonders”. All remaining shows cancelled. 

Hope Lafferty, “Inhibitionist(!)” – final show at 1:45 pm on 3/14 cancelled and replaced with James Sundquist, “Mingalaba”.

​Smiley Calderon, “So Why Did I Move To Fresno? I’m Glad You Asked.” At Goldstein’s. All remaining performances cancelled.

Katherine Glover, “Faster” at Hart’s Haven is cancelled

John Michael, “It’s Not All About You, John Michael” All remaining performances cancelled.

Dana Merwin, “The Skinny Show.” All remaining performances cancelled.

Beth McLaughlin, “Silenced”. All remaining performances cancelled.

Jeffrey Bowman, “The Return of the Last Pioneer.” All remaining performances cancelled.

Benjamin Boone. All remaining performances cancelled.

Sarah Matsui, “Hello, Boar”. All remaining performances cancelled.

Aerial Arts Fresno, “Mystical Creatures.” All remaining performances cancelled.

Evelyn Jean Pine, “Freeloader in the House of Love.” All remaining performances cancelled.

“The Rogue Festival Board of directors are evaluating the situation on a day-by-day basis, with the understanding that Fresno County has only one confirmed case of COVID-19 and our venues seat less than 75, with fewer than that typically attending. We advise all persons who are feeling ill, are elderly, or have compromised immune systems to stay home. Our festival volunteers are cleaning surfaces in our venues and maintaining hand-washing and hand-sanitizing hygiene. Any change to our Festival schedule will be announced on our website, via Facebook and Twitter, and in our e-newsletters by 2 p.m. Friday and noon on Saturday.

Thank you,
Rogue Board of Directors
You may leave feedback with the board at